06 July 2007

being sick sucks!


Your Score: Baby Butch

Congratulations! You scored 42%!

You're getting there, just need to learn a few things before you get your butch card.

Link: The Lesbian Classification Test written by ButchBabe on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

yan ang napapala ng may sakit at baldado at walang magawa dahil ilang oras nang nakaratay sa kama... waaaah. hate this.

well, at least this next one is hopeful...


Skilled Worker Self-Assessment

Total Point Score

Your final score is: 79

Here is the breakdown of your total score:

Factor Maximum
1 Education 25 20
2 Language Ability 24 18
3 Work Experience 21 21
4 Age 10 10
5 Arranged Employment 10 0
6 Adaptability 10 10
Total Score 100 79

Pass Mark

The pass mark as of September 18, 2003 is 67.

Did you pass?

If your mark from this test is the same or higher than the current pass mark, you may qualify to immigrate as a skilled worker.

If your mark is lower than the pass mark, you might not qualify to immigrate as a skilled worker at this time.

However, if you believe there are other factors that would help you to become economically established in Canada, you may still apply.

Send a detailed letter with your application explaining what these factors are and why they may help you successfully establish yourself in Canada.

Include any documents that support your claim.

Final Decision

A CIC officer will make the final decision on the application you submit to a Visa Office. Make sure you fill out the application forms completely. You will need to provide documents to support your application and, if selected, to pass medical and security checks.

The results from the on-line self-assessment test are for your advice only. CIC does not keep a record of these results. If you want to keep a record, you can print or save this page from your computer.

See Immigrating to Canada as a Skilled Worker for more information on Skilled Worker immigration.

Be sure to check out the Working in Canada section for more information.

There are other programs to assist you in immigrating to Canada. See Provincial Nominations and Business Class Immigration.


in-email ng ninang ko sa toronto ang page. pinatulan ko namang sagutin ang chenes. hm, might sound like a good idea sometime soon... or maybe not so soon... ewan ko.

my sister's oath-taking in the land of milk and honey will happen next week, i think. finally, after years of being there, citizen na siya. congrats sis. send pictures. kelangan bang kumanta ng national anthem? hm.

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