16 June 2007

an ode to staring

an ode to staring

why do you stare? i've been asked.

i stare when there's nothing better to say, i've been accused
i stare when i feel defeat and don't have the guts to admit it, i've been charged

that's not why. no, that's not why.

i stare when there are no words
to express the appreciation i want to convey
i stare when there are no sounds i could utter
to let her feel what i am feeling, at that moment, for her

more importantly
i stare when i want to say something
but decide against it
because i feel if i do say something
i will be accused and charged
--yet again--
of leading...or misleading...

i don't want to be held in trial again. ever.

but most times, you know,
i stare because i appreciate
appreciate beauty
appreciate kindness
appreciate thoughtfulness
appreciate caring
appreciate friendship

appreciate silence
apreciate respect for silence

appreciate what could have been
appreciate what was there before
appreciate how things are, now
...and appreciate respect

i appreciate.

so staring is a challenge

it's rude, i've been warned
yes, staring is rude
but if you know me or try to know me more
you'll understand that staring is a challenge
staring is my challenge
challenge if i can hold my own
and challenge if you could hold yours

let's see where it takes us, then
yes, let's.

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