19 November 2006

of fluff minds and bluff finds

starting things with a banggggggggggggggggg


Resign from Human Rights Committee, Rep. Abante urged


The Lesbian and Gay Legislative Advocacy Network (LAGABLAB-Pilipinas), a network of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender organizations and activists, condemned today Manila Representative and House Committee on Human Rights Chair Bienvenido Abante for "his homophobia and atrocious ignorance of the basic principles of human rights." Yesterday, Rep. Abante questioned AKBAYAN Rep. Etta Rosales's sponsorship of HB 637, a proposed bill that seeks to penalize discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBTs).


LAGABLAB said that Abante's ridiculous opposition to a human rights measure like the Anti-Discrimination Bill betrays a fundamental disregard and disrespect of his mandate as the Human Rights Committee chair. "He should resign from his position if he himself cannot grasp the universality of human rights and human dignity," LAGABLAB Sec. Gen. Jonas Bagas said. "He should also undergo human rights education to understand that in our Constitution and in various international human rights agreements that the Philippines signed, equal protection from discrimination is guaranteed for all, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity."


"How can he promote human rights when he has no sense of empathy and compassion? Human rights are about recognizing that regardless of our differences and our diversity, we are all equal. Obviously, Rep. Abante has not experienced what it is like to be abused or to be discriminated," Bagas added.


LAGABLAB said that lesbians and gays lose their jobs, get expelled from schools, and experience physical abuse because the society still treats them as second class citizens. "There are narrow-minded people like Rep. Abante who help deepen the stigma against homosexuals. There are parents who beat their presumably gay or lesbian children to 'correct' their homosexuality or to stop them from cross dressing. When they're thrown away from their homes, or when homosexuals lose their jobs, they have to deal with discrimination's inhumane consequences," Bagas said.


Bagas also chided the solon for spreading false information on the bill. "The Anti-Discrimination Bill will not allow for the legal recognition of same-sex marriage. It is only about curbing discriminatory practices and policies. To claim otherwise is to commit a grave lie," he explained.


He clarified, however, that not all religious people or religious organizations are as bigoted as Rep. Abante. "During the 12th Congress, the bill was supported by other religious organizations, specifically the NCCP/UCCP and Iglesia ni Kristo. We in LAGABLAB are aware that there are religious denominations that are opposed to homosexuality but are nonetheless in solidarity with the LGBT community in protecting their rights and freedoms," Bagas said. He added that other human rights organizations are supporting and campaigning for the bill's passage, among them Amnesty Internation, Human Rights Watch and the International Commission of Jurists.


LAGABLAB is urging lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders to write protest letters to Rep. Abante (visit www.lagablab.wordpress.com/). "We will campaign against him in his own district and his own city. We don't take bigotry sitting down, especially those coming from public officials who enjoy the privileges provided by the taxes that we pay," Bagas warned.


LAGABLAB urged Congress to expedite the approval of the Anti-Discrimination Bill. "We've been pushing for this for six years. We urge the leadership of the House of Representatives to pass the bill before the end of the month. We also urge Senator Bong Revilla, who authored the Senate version of the bill, to push for its approval in the Senate. The plight of the LGBT community should not be ignored," Bagas appealed.###


press release from LAGABLAB two days ago.

dapat ang pangalan ng rep na yun ay ATRAS dahil sa pagka-backward lang naman ng taong iyon oo. nabasa na niya kaya an actual document ng international human rights convention chuvaness? i'm guessing NOT! ang tanga niya. hay nakuh. why do we have the wrong people in the most crucial positions? ano kanyo? like the presidency? teehee. 

oh well. if it's not one bluffer, it's another.

just watched CASINO ROYALE earlier with me mum and i realized that all the james bond portrayals have been bluffs for me. as in, i grew up watching these daper englishmen portray a superhero-like spy. ganda ng material, ganda ng characterization but daniel craig's portrayal made james bond more human for the first time. he didn't appear like a character out of an espionage novel, lam mo yun? he's a real thinking, feeling human being--with a fit body, fast wit and to die for carsssssss. and of course the bond girls. may dimension din ang major bond girl dito although i found the minor bond girl majorly HOTTTTTT. as in. yung parang indian-looking girl na asawa nung isang semi-villain. hot hot hot! whew. i am such a lez.

been bluffing a lot myself these past few weeks. i am in the process of hunting for a new place to rent as living quarters for, oh maybe 2 years or so. so of course i have to practice my bluffing skills together with my bargaining skills. conclusion? i think i'm getting too old for this kind of stuff, but i really don't mind. not at all. well, wish me luck with this chorva. it's the major chorva eating up my energies these days really. as in. you have no idea. gluttony pare. gluttony. at may gusto akong pataying pinsan.

like bond, also did a few gambles of my own. una na nga yung binalikan ko yung pagdidirek sa tv kahit advise ng doktor dati eh eliminate all stress-inducing chorva sa life ko because of my high choles count. hay nakuh. pero i just came from a second check-up and glad to say na nag-improve na naman an health chenelyns ko. kaya okay na rin.

at saka okay na rin ang sistema doon. masaya na at medyo relaxed. wala nang kapaan. kaya okay na rin ang life.

sana lang makalipat na ko para tapos na ang unnecessary stress na ito. atbago ak makapatay ng tao sa asar. really.

isa pang gamble? deloading ng teaching units. to write my masteral thesis. buti na lang it paid off. yey.

i wish i can gamble my way into india rin this march. ten days lang chong, is all. wish me luck.

happy realizations lately? hm, nothing major. isa lang siguro. buti na lang hindi ako married with children. wala, reactionary ek lang sa mga family values home set-up na nakita ko sa apartment hunt ko. ang mga anak ko lang ay ang mga libro, litrato, musiccds at dvd ko. at ang asawa ko ay ang camera at computer ko. but i still love kids, don't get me wrong. just dont wanna have my own.

realistic realizations lately? isa siguro. hindi ako magiging mayaman ever. but i really don't give a shit about this.  money's just for buying good food, tickets to travel and gadgets to bring around. c'est tout.

regrets? isa lang. hindi ko napanood ang THE GOOD BODY na bagong play ni eve ensler na ini-stage ng new voice company! grrr sayang. sana may rerun! 

isa pa palang regret. i should be more coldhearted in dealing with things. lumalambot na naman kasi ako e. dapat hindi na. para wala nang abala sa isip at kaluluwa.

and don't let songs with words that sound like basta't tayo'y magkasama/laging mayroong umagang kay ganda or panalangin ko sa habambuhay/makapiling ka/makasama ka/yan ang panalangin ko or if i could/then i would/i'll go wherever you will go/way up high or down low or any similar crap get to me. especially this holeydaze season. 

bah humbug mode on.

okay huling hirit na ng gabi. to quote a friend "ang galing ni lord! pati mya lesbyana naipapakasal niya." hahaha. naalala ko lang. nakatunganga ako sa mtv kasi at nakarinig ng lumang kantang may bagong rendition. poignant? ewan. basta ako, proud ako sa aking past. and present. bilang lesbyana. :)

bakit pa kasi inimbento ang kasal. at bakit sa lalaki at babae lang. madaya sila. madaya silang lahat.


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