12 January 2006

new millennium resolutions

hindi na uso ang new year's resolutions. hindi rin naman natin natutupad e. dapat we should think big, think grand. we should think of resolutions that can cover our current lifetime that can also have good bearing in our forthcoming lifetime pa. 

hence, i am crafting my NEW MILLENNIUM'S RESOLUTIONS. kung si dalai lama may ethics for a new millennium, ako si dalai libai at may resolutions na susubukang gawing life guide.

new millennium resolution number 1: never ever ever ever work with matapobre rich donyas and dons.  even if they pay you a million pesos.  your dignity and self-worth is worth much much more than that.

new millennium resolution number 2:  no kind of work is more important than your health, so rest.  ganito lang yun: yung perang makukuha sa trabaho, ipang-oospital mo lang kung hindi ka magpahinga.  hindi na uso ang "working to death" na expression honeys.
new millennium resolution number 3:  magbawas kumain ng baboy.  and i mean in any forms.  with exception: kung libre ang kainan at inimbitahan ka, don't offend the inviting party and eat some. saka libre eh. pero yung effort na ikaw ang bibili o magluluto, wit! wa na pig! no mo' pork!

new millennium resolution number 4: drink more water.  para di ma-dehydrate.

new millennium resolution number 5: tune out whenever people around you become unbearably negative.  remember, if you can't change the situation, change how you react towards the situation.

o yun na muna for now. dadagdagan natin yan eventually. any suggestions? mag-comment dyan.

sige fly muna akesh.

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