26 November 2005

deracinate me

Current beverage: not cold water
Current chi-cha: irish milk chocolate with praline truffle filling
Who i'd like to kill today: homophobic lawmakers in the government
Who i'd like to hug today: moist

sa wakas natapos din ang linggong ito. well, almost. i still have sunday to go, and a shoot day at that. wish me luck with that. i need it definitely.

deracinate. i like that word. it means to pull out by the roots; uproot; to displace from one's native or accustomed environment. why deracinate? kasi that's what hollywood did daw to asian horror flicks, removed them of their asian-ness and re-branded them as their own. na hindi katuwa-tuwa at kaaya-aya. well. deracinate-moi na lang. uproot me from this toxic sked i have! waaah.

dracinate. it's the term of the month for me, thanks to bliss lim dudette. she's cool. the lecture was nice and funny. a down-to-earth intellectual, a rarity these days. i'm glad we came upon her at this time. i needed to hear that kind of talk delivered that way at this point in time. hindi lang yung straight-up mega-academic-sounding theory-spewing framework-searching papers and lectures. it'll help me psyche myself up in my own talk in january. the faculty colloquium ng masscomm. sino kayang nag-imbento nun?

waah my own talk. i'm going to discuss an update of the paper i made for the TABI-TABI SA PAGSASANTABI anthology printed years ago. so i have to watch new films for that. tagalog films. wish me luck. it sounds so kewl pero at the same time, slight nara-rattle byuti ko when i know the dean and former deans will be watching me deliver that paper. ayan, saksakan kaya natin sila ng lesbian images and clips para malokah sila hane? at para yung mga di pa out sa kanila ay mag-out na. charing! hahaahha dont mind me, i'm just bitchin' because of the stress.

i have 2 MA penalty courses this sem and i'm excited and nervous about them at the same time. yeah, one subject for every year of awol. ayan, i'm paying my dues, but i like it because i only paid 116 pesos or something. faculty privileges hehe. ansarap mag-aral pag ganyan.

i have cinema and nation under sir ed piano and it looks like a promising discussion course. puro younger boylets nga lang ang kaklase ko so hm, i don't know if this'll go really far in terms of discussions. especially involving gender. let's see. i hope it does. weird lang yung time, masyadong gabi na ang 5.30-8.30pm -- and on a friday night at that! well. ayoko na naman ng klaseng ako lang at ang titser ang nagkakaintindihan most times just like what happened in a previous CL class ko years ago. frustrating sometimes to dialogue with colleagues younger than you. either they're too way behind pa or they're advance or just on the same boat but they brag about it all the time. hay peyups kong mahal... c'est la vie.

i'm pretty excited about my writing for young adults class. we're going to churn out a YAL novel at the end of the sem. at least one concrete creative output! yey. na puwedeng i-publish! yey! inspiring... slight over-acad mode ang lola nyo at nag-draw na ko ng character sketch for this novel. ansayasaya. tru. can't wait for tuesday.

hay buti na lang walang pasok sa lunes. at hindi ako papasok sa huwebes. hey, di ako nakapag-holiday ng weekly leave ko ha. will take advantage of that this week.

shyet disyembre na pala next week. damiring mangyayari. i'm laying out the stuff i'm submitting for the UP writers workshop, elite version hehe. been teasing vim about it pero may sense naman. para di mag-workshop-hopping daw mga tao. as if di namin ginawa yun anoh! iligan lang ang di ko pa narating before. ayoko yatang mag-join sa school-based lang. dapat may travel. ay yung sa bacolod pala, umatras din ako dun. sayang. oh well. there's always next year.

i miss traveling. thanks to my fellow participation and my work stint sa workshops, naka-travel ako dati. cebu, baguio, los baños, davao. saya rin. those were cool times. kaya one week in baguio in april sounds so much like a great idea at this point in time. i hope i get in.

inaayos ko rin yung aplik ko sa akdang_bayan pala. nakakaligtaan ko na. i have to prepare my manuscript for reading pala, since feb na ang booklaunch. hm... ano kaya gagawin ko? shorts? mag-tula-tulaan kaya ako? parang ayoko... bahala na. sana makasama ako sa xmas party sa tagaytay. i'm pretty excited to listen to bien lumbera's talk for us. ka-araw pala ito ng annual writer's night. well, two in one na. ka-writer-an muna aatupagin ko this december, hindi ka-film-an. except sa turo. well, bahala na si batman.

sige fly muna. have to attend emman's bday celeb at michiko's haus. hm, sana wala masyadong star-ex pips na ___, you know who they are... wish me luck.

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