19 September 2005

in ____ we trust (fill in da blanks ka na lang)

will you trust your material to another person to develop it?

trap question iyan for writers who give out their material for others to work on as another form: film, video, music, comics, etc. tricky tricky.

if you're a lesbian writer, would you give your material to (99% probable) heterosexist men to turn into an audiovisual material? i don't think so. i mean come on, no matter how politically correct we presume ourselves to be, the bottomline is, men are still from mars and women are from venus, even if in some parts of venus, sila-sila ang nagkakatuluyan heheheh. you get my point?

basta. iba. at hindi reverse-sexism yan ha. i'm just stating a fact.

ang pangit.

saka 'pag "nakakalalaki" ang isang babae, tumbuy man o supergelay, the castration anxiety is still the same for these freaking men.

men, e.

man-hater ba ang dating ko? hindi naman. ang sa akinlang naman ay...

pangit kasi e. sayang.

btw, what's nakaka-lalaki in english?


i just realized that what direk erik matti was saying as "bottle neck" ay BOTTOMLINE! hahahaha. oh sorry i just came out of some grueling weeks (as in mugtu pa eyes ever at puyat) of editing a 200 page transcription of the cinemalaya film congress at the ccp months ago that the ncca yata will turn into a book or something. kaya i'm still reeling from the...haahaha "oral typos." punyetah ang bad ko.

bottleneck. bottleneck! this, from a man who once said sa premiere ng film niya na ang documentary ay shooting a scene with the camera attached to a tripod. ngak! naloka si noel vera dun hane! i guess he never heard of cinema verité pare. ano pare? tama ba pare? hahahah tangna ang bad ko.

les gens sont étranges, 'ika nga ng the doors...

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