02 September 2005

in between waking and sleeping...

...sucks. big time. especially if your "higher powers" are somewhat going on and off the radar for some time now. paranormal is an understatement. hay. good thing i have cats here. sa totoo lang. wanted to get one more pa nga sana, earlier, when we saw kitties at malingap. i want a black kitty because it has blue eyes. hey, my eyes were blue when i was a baby. most people thought i was american when i was small. okay where did that come from?

waking or sleeping? tangna i need to acquire crystals. bigger ones. they helped before. wah. running out of incense, too. anybody out there going to thailand soon? magpapabili ako incense cones sandamakmak. email me. i'm serious. and colgate herbal na rin. :)

i am somewhat addicted to two reality shows lately, pero okay lang din na ma-miss. yeah you guessed it, Rock STAR INXS, before, i thought bakit kelangan nilang palitan si michael hutchence? walang makakapalit sa kanya! can those guys sing "need you tonight" and make you water-water down there? noooooo. syempre, as a default pinoy, i root for MiG ayesa, the pinoy-aussie dude who looks like a very lanky hobbit. i hope they kick that jd out na please lang. nuknukan ng yabang ang puta. saka si marty, parang botox ang mukha, hindi gumagalaw ang lines. walang lines! nalaglag kanina yung black dude. yeah i agree with his comment, mukhang may tinge of racial profiling don in a way. australia pa.

the other show? THE APPRENTICE. sinong nanalo last season??? i missed the ending pala. yung season with people like ivana, maria and company names apex and... i forgot the other one. anyone know? leave a message. oks yung laban this season, mga nag-college at hindi. lampaso mga nag-college hahaha.

hey, i did it. submitted a 50-page headstart for a novel. yeheyyy! shucks sana mapili. goddesses bless me please. and a bright idea by a bright person: gawin ko na lang itong novel as my MA thesis! yes! oo nga! para kasing ayoko nang balikan yung early shorts ko e. baka akalain nila wala na ko ibang nasulat sa life ko kundi yung nasulat ko nung first 3 years ko of being a literary writer, parang isang ikatlong titser dyan na nakapasa ng MA nya with a very very sucky collection that contained the same characters. same characters pare. hello imagination, nahan ka???? absent. reminds me of sarah shuster ni jenny sa THE L WORD. ngak.

i just realized it's a "-ber" month na pala. they've started counting the days til xmas on the radio. fuck. how i hated the yuletide ever. but i think that will change soon. somebody important to me right now was born around that time (as in pasko talaga) so i'm beginning to think that that holiday better focus on the thought that good people were born that day aside from jesus. so i'm gonna do just that. the script, the novel, the photos and the poems won't come out and fly (soar!) if it weren't for her. so thanks.

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