18 February 2005

by any other name would smell as sweet?

yes, juliet, but it only applies to roses. what about feminists? does it apply as well? liberal, radical, eco, lesbian, whatever. do labels still count these days? what about those who label themselves as such yet they do not live within the credo of the label they are supposed to uphold? what of them, now, my fair juliet? ah, does romeo have anything to say about this? hell no, he's still there comparing sword lengths with mercutio and tybalt. so what else is new?

nothing. such is the point.

haaay. écriture feminin. write this body a letter nga, cixous.

my zear libay,

ziz eez ze time to beee more aware of zeengs to come. ziz eez ze time to be tough. aye, such eez ze deefeeculty of being in ziz place at ziz time. aye!


hay cixous, consciousness-raising sometimes is a draaaaaaaaag.

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