18 September 2013

when the night was worth the beer

Last night, I spent dinnertime and after-dinner drinks time listening to this girl and her tales of being scarred and burned by her recent history. Yet another courageous being trying to get up from falling, as we all did, at one point or another in our lives. Such is the travesty of loving sometimes, you know. We sow trust, we sow love, we sow tenderness only to reap betrayal, only to reap selfishness, only to be left holding the bag with chump change after all your emotional investment went to waste.  But we still plod on and stare with wonder. We're now more careful, but we still try to walk. And maybe pause for a while to catch our breaths, in between sobs.

Same here, I said, same here. Still shaking off my own scars and burns, collected over the years, lived with in time, but always, always trying to pick up the pieces that are useful in the ongoing journey. And the conversation last night made me think about how we all end up where we are, why we permit such things to happen, or do we even have a hand at stopping them or getting off of the ride? I do not really know. Nary a clue. Sometimes, you just really have to go with the flow.

Conversations about love, about failed relationships, about picking up the lessons learned from bad experiences, they always fascinate me. That is why I end up being the listener most of the time. And when it's time for me to speak up, I don't know where to begin, exactly. But I guess the most important point is, I still want to share. And as I pondered on points to divulge, the beer helps in the silence. And the delivery. Well, at least for me, last night.

 Yeah, the beer was good. As good as the convos. 
[Last night at Brotzeit at the Shang Plaza]

Well worth the chance. We could always say no, we could always decline impromptu invites, we could always ignore hi and hellos. But it's better sometimes to just nod, acknowledge it, and see where things could go from some starting point.

Life is short. And I will definitely drink to that -- now that I can hehehe. But that's another blogpost. 

Cheers na lang. :)