18 September 2012

"good morning mahal ko"

I love it when you own me. I usually don't like it when women do that but with you, it's different. I guess I love you deeper than I've loved anyone else in my life. This is when I know you are special. It's like saying everything's gonna be alright, everything's gonna turn out fine. Your being there in my life is like a reassurance that, no matter what kind of negativity the world hurls at me from time to time, I will still emerge as the victor because I know I have something these negative people don't -- someone like you. You. I have you. YOU.

It does not really matter that I cannot hold you everyday like I've held the others before. It does not really matter if I cannot see you every weekend or every other weekend to spend time with you like what I've done with the others before. It does not matter if I cannot hug you whenever I need a hug or I cannot hug you whenever you need a hug. Being there is a reassurance that our soul is hugging each other, deeply, even if we are afar. 

Yes, it is the soul that knows. It does. Sometimes the brain plays tricks on us, makes us see things, think things, read things differently. Sometimes the loins also try to trick us, make us feel like we need to dive into our lusts and reach out for each other incessantly when the brain knows we can't, as yet, immediately. Oh these body parts, what do they know? But the heart? The soul? They always know. They're the only ones that do know. So we trust them more, and we feel that, and we let that rule us. We let it.

So yes, come on over, feel free, claim me. I have never loved someone before as free as I am loving you now. Ownership? I had a strong stand against that before. Silly me. I should have known -- that there really will be someone out there who will click with you, and who will be proud to be with you, and who will be even prouder to call you theirs.

I say ditto, baby. Ditto.

I love you.

 This is for you. Only you.


  1. Watta! Know wat? That's exactly wat i nid 2 say 2 my gf..every words,the thoughts..we've been 2gether 4 almost 7yrs..apart..she's fr visayas and me here in luzon..we only get 2 c each other every 5 or 6 mos,for 5 to 6 days..we do that since we 1st met,physically..hehe bec i only met her thru internet,fr common friends..fr then on,its either she goes here or il cum there..and i tell u,its soo f#*kin hard!! But its worth it..rili..i so love her that il do anything insane 4 her..haha if there's such a thing as forever,maybe i cud say that i love her beyond forever..sori 4 being mushy..carried away much..haha keep on lovin! Kudos to us! :D

  2. Hi Libay. Been following your blog for a while now and you continue to hold my interest as you spin beautiful words for your beloved. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feelings and what nots to us. I'll be sharing this entry to the owner of my heart as this echos what I want her to know; feelings so overwhelming that I fail to put it in words. -- glendale

  3. Thanks for the kind words, folks :) Inspired lang lola niyo kaya eto, hehe.

    Joie, oks lang 'yan. Basta pag-ibig, gora lang ng gora. Tama, kaya natin ito! :)

    Thanks Lush for reading, as always :)

    Glendale, hey thanks ha. Feel free to use my words to communicate to your love. If it's love, I support it all throughout. Good luck! :)