04 July 2011

has it been a month now?

In my sphere of this planet, yes.

But it still aches like hell. Like it was just yesterday...


blue note recorded

play me some more
of that jazz of yours
because i will miss your tune
will miss your spunk
your laughter, your smile

show me some more
of that radiance of yours
because i will miss your face
will miss your company
your kiss, your hug

let me feel some more
of that spirit of yours
because you and i will miss us
will miss our togetherness
our time, our space
our love.

don't shed a tear, honey
note your sadness away
tunes will play for us again
sooner than you think,

don't feel so down, dear
chase your blues away
distance will always be overcome
as long as we play beautiful music,

it shall be done.

- for gemini

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