17 June 2011

changing times, changing tides

Do you like my new header image? Although it's a bit cropped since I took it portrait size, not landscape.

Banana Beach, Coron (May2011)

Fair enough. I like the image of the hat with the leafless tree along the white sand clear water beach.

Just to replace and retire this one for a while:

White Rock Beach, Subic (November 2011)

Which was a good photo to mark an event in my life. That one was taken in Subic last November 2010. And yes, that was an important place and marker for my life.

Like the new hat beach photo, as well. It's actually a continuation of my changing times and the changing tides I have been happily caught up with, for the past six months or so. The best of my life, so far. In more ways than one.

But I think you folks already picked up on that.

Anyway, as previous chapters close, new ones always open eventually. I am still looking forward to those new ones. More volumes to come. To quote that Beatles song:

"You and I have memories
longer than the road
that stretches out ahead..."

Thanks for reading, as always. More later, when I'm lucid.