03 May 2011


What? I just escaped Manila for a post-birthday getaway treat and a prince gets married to a commoner?

Hmm sige. Royal wedding ka dyan.

di kaya ng powers ko
(at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California /
April 2010 photo by my sister jazz)

Frankly my dear, that didn't interest me a bit.

And what? I just escaped Manila to burrow in a place that means a lot to me, and the so-called major terrorist of the decade suddenly gets killed?

Hmm sige. Bin Laden ka dyan.

the manhattan skyline; new yorkers seem to be
celebrating but i worry about that...
(at New Jersey, USA / March 2010)

Some noose news, eh? Both. One is about being "noosed" for life with someone and the other, well, let's just say the phrase "war on terror" might have another reinterpretation that will not benefit all of us in the end. And that really bothers me now.

Hay, what is the world coming to?

And just like that, April also left without a fuss.

Hello May.

To paraphrase Green Day, wake me up when June ends na lang...

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