24 March 2009

a film buff at heart

before i go to work today, i decided to spend some time here at cordi coffee riverbanks with their free wifi, also to consult with a student.

now that i'm alone with my thoughts again, happy. and i am so geeking out on this link that my friend indi gave me at facebook. a hollywood project where sikat celebs recreate still photos of hitchcock's movies. panalo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here's jodie foster my love recreating tippi hedren in THE BIRDS.

and here's the original THE BIRDS still of the movie with tippi hedren.

get the picture?

shiyet ang gandang project nito!

renee zellweger recreating kim novak in VERTIGO.
talaga lang ha, zellweger! big shoes to fill!
kim novak yan noh!

i am such a *huge* hitchcock fan. i think he's one of the best directors in the history of cinema. i loved the way he dedicated his life to the cr
aft by looking at how the form (technicals) would complement the story (through characterization and narrative development). and i loved how he improvised ways on how to film things, discovered ways on how to shoot scenes. kung kelangang baklasin ang wall, baklasin ang wall para makapasok ang dolly in/out ng camera! ganung level! siya ang isang tunay na matatawag na "film artist."

here's scarlet johannsen (sp?) and javier bardem
recreating grace kelly and james stewart
in my favorite hitchcockian film of all time --
REAR WINDOW. more than psycho,
i think this is hitchcock doing his finest.

and i can tell you where he appeared (cameo) in his films. well, at least 70 percent of his films, yung naaalala ko at napanood ko heheh. hinana
p ko talaga siya ati! may checklist ako nito. geek!!!!

my kras keira knightley and a dark favorite
jennifer jason leigh recreating joan fontaine and
judith anderson in REBECCA.

lesbian subtext anyone? hehe.
yes may ganun ang film na toh.

my kabit charlize theron recreating DIAL M FOR MURDER.
na, if i remember it right, ni-remake at iba na
ang title dati starring a young gwyneth paltrow and
an old michael douglas. the title escapes me now...

emile hirsch and james mcavoy recreating
farley granger and robert walker in
another favorite, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN.
queer subext anyone? yes, this film reeks
of that, too. hm, maybe i should do a
queering hitcock paper? pero alam ko
nagawa na yun dati...

oh-em-gee gusto kong maging kalendaryo itoh!!!!!!!! for life!

hmp sige na nga, here's PSYCHO, with LA VIE EN ROSE's
marion cotillard recreating jamie lee curtis' nanay janet leigh
who was immortalized in the most famous shower scene in history.

check the link. marami pa hehe. :)

o sya,trabaho muna!

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  1. Beautiful photos. great remake of classic movies. keep it up