20 February 2009

Attention: UPFI Students Who DID NOT Pre-enlist (BA, MA)

Did you fail to pre-enlist? READ THIS!

In order to help you have access to the actual classes you need for the first Semester AY2009-10, the pre-enlistment survey was conducted early this month.

However, due to the general low turnout in CMC, we are having difficulty assessing the number of sections and subjects we will offer next sem.

Thus, the UPFI Academic Division decided to reach out to those who were not able to do the pre-enlistment survey in this alternative process/venue.

The names listed below are the ones who did not pre-enlist, according to the CMC Admin tally. If you see your name here, read the guidelines below. If you know someone in the list, regardless if they are in our multiply contact list or not, please tell them to respond to this ASAP.

What to do:

1. For CONTINUING STUDENTS (BA/MA), if you see your name below,
email us at upfi.academic@gmail.com and send us the following:
-- your name
-- your student number
-- the list of subjects you are taking THIS SEM
-- the list of subjects you plan to take THIS SUMMER (if any)
-- the list of subjects you plan to take NEXT SEM (FIRST SEM)

2. If you are only signing up for RESIDENCY, you still need to drop us
a line so we could strike you out of this list.

3. If you are GRADUATING this semester, please drop us a line
and indicate so we could strike you off the list.

4. If you are SHIFTING OUT, going into NON-DEGREE STATUS or
any other status other than the ones mentioned here,
please drop us a line so we could mark it.

5. The deadline for this is February 23, 2009 Monday (a holiday).


If you classes/groups/orgs have mailing lists or any other online networking capability, feel free to repost this message to reach out to your classmates/orgmates/friends who may be on this list.


List of Students who did not Pre-enlist for
Summer 2008-2009 & 2nd Sem. 2009-2010


1. Amor, Don D.
2. Arenillo, Krista Mae A.
3. Barcena, Bryanne Albert D.
4. Bembo Giselle
5. Bernardino, Gerelyn
6. Borlaza, Victor Juan Emmanuel A.
7. Buenaflor, Maria Erika E.
8. Castro, Marella C.
9. Dela Cruz, Michael DS
10. De Leon, Anne Christabel
11. De Leon, John Kenneth
12. Dela Cruz, Rosebell Mikaella Jean B.
13. De los Reyes, Melissa Bien M.
14. Duque, Nerissa Kamille C.
15. Ericta, Jessie Michaela S.
16. Fernandez, Joan Rose C.
17. Icatlo, Patricia Janine A.
18. Kison, Justine Iathina Marie M.
19. Lansigan, Mairan Ryza
20. Magbanlac, Aphrodite B.
21. Mendoza, Almn Onieil L.
22. Moran,Romeo III B.
23. Pajar, Carl Alwind M.
24. Palaganas, Joanna Rizza A.
25. Patalinghug, Bernard Jose C.
26. Rapanut, Jennelynn P.
27. Refuerzo, Francesca Nicole B.
28. Reglos, Precious T.
29. Sarthoou, Carlos, Miguel S.
30. Sun, Candy Noreen Lynnelle
31. Tan, Hazel Marie C.
32. Tejero, Anna Katrina V.
33. Torres, Fatima Marie S.

List of Students who did not Pre-enlist for
Summer 2008-2009 & 2nd Sem. 2009-2010


1. Abalahin, Anna Maria Socorro M.
2. Alandy, Joenathan M.
3. Alegre, Abraham Archangel A.
4. Andes, Sheryl Rose M.
5. Arumpac, Adjani G.
6. Benedicto, Nino Manuel S.
7. Carlos, Christine H.
8. Chuaunsu, Jewel Rachelene S.
9. Cordero, Carlo Antonio C.
10. Cordero, Patrick Ian V.
11. Corpuz, David R.
12. Cosio, Ana Karina A.
13. Curamen, Valerie I.
14. De Castro, Emilio Fidel R.
15. De Jesus, Ramil V.
16. Dela Cruz, Vincent S.
17. Galang, Michael-Juancho S.
18. Garcia, Kim Homer C.
19. Gutierrez, Carlo Joel B.
20. Ham, Jongsuk
21. Lozada, Felizer Louie M.
22. Mateo, Julie Christine DC
23. Ong, Bryan Oscar P.
24. Quesada, Bryan T.
25. Rodriguez, Romel Son D.
26. Sabado, Alma D.
27. Silarde, Vincent Q.
28. Sumabat, Maria Cecilia C.

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