23 January 2009

moving on is a way of life: a friendster chronicle

friendster was fun during its inception. but the birth of newer social networking sites gave it a run for its money. no matter. being original or perhaps a pioneer is no reason to stay with it. life goes on, and we move on with it.

no, i'm not deleting my friendster account. i'm just going to trim it a bit.

when i first signed up for it, it was june 2003. i was working for isis international manila, and they had 24/7 internet connection, being an international feminist media NGO -- comes with the work, and the territory, much like networking. that was the time we first tried this thing called friendster, and it was addicting, much like how facebook is addicting to pinoys these days. but i have to admit, facebook is better.

regardless of the updates in features and cute and techy stuff, it's rather taxing to put it all in there. so i just let it sit there for people to find and connect to.

of course, as years moved on, i added small stuff and revisions to the ABOUT ME section, the latest being this:
  • About Me:

    i like watching films (good or bad, it's always nice to talk about them with friends), listening to good music (preferably live performances), sampling great food from all over the world, except those with ginger. i love to dance and i'm glad i had occasional outlets before such as latin/hiphop aerobics and bellydancing (but i miss these sessions now because, dahil sa globalisasyon, our bellydancing teacher fled to hong kong to work in disneyland bummer). i also miss disco/club dancing so just feel free to pull me to an exclusive party or any het-oriented place with good dance music because i regret not doing that lately and i wanna change that. i enjoy the solitary confinement of being a writer, but i do seek out person-to-person communication (still the best for me), preferably over coffee, tea or alcohol. and i love to discover new places, travel with friends and kindred spirits. and yes, i am a lesbian feminist but i don't consider myself a wannabe man. i'm what they call a 'lipstick dyke' although i've already shun make-up since this new decade began. but that can still change... (the make-up, i mean. the sexuality is there to remain, and there to define me). however, people say i look androgynous lately in a [code name] cutie butchie kind of way hehe (must be the clothes), but i don't mind. patience is a virtue for me, and i think siddharta got things right, so i'm trying to take cues from there. taurus here, born in the year of the ox...does that tell you something? :P latest incarnation is as a film school teacher so kelangan bang maging kagalang-galang na ako dine? idontthinkso. :) sabi nga ni maricel soriano noong 80s sa show niya, "i am what i am, i am my own special creation." tama ba? :P wala lang. oo nga pala, paminsan-minsan nagdidirek ako ng video and tv stuff pero saka ko na lang ikukuwento sa yo.

it's strange how an ABOUT ME entry could trace transitions and phases in one's life...

but the WHO I WANT TO MEET section never changed:

  • Who I Want to Meet:

    er, those who want to meet me? make contact. it's an awful waste of space if you don't. if you want to talk, listen, be heard, have fun, play around without the hassles and drama queen modes, then tara!

    everyone is welcome as long as you are not a racist, ageist, classist, elitist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic, moralistic, bigoted, back-stabbing, insensitive, idiotic, assholic, full-of-yourself, religious-text-wielding fool

because it still stands up to this day.

some favorites changed and some remain.

but the occupation stayed the same.

  • Occupation:

    observer of life or in layperson's terms: writer

up to this day.

it's just strange because some indonesian person cut a huge portion of my ABOUT ME and pasted it in his/her own site. and it's like a porn site. weird. so this is one reason why i'm trimming it.

friendster is effective advertising, that's why i'm keeping it. other than that, you'll see me here in multiply and on facebook most times.

snip snip.

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