07 January 2009

Attention Film 151 Directing students

Here is our assignment:

1. Write an analysis paper on the movie you watched earlier (CHINATOWN).
Focus on the following aspects:
-- Describe the characterization and character development of
the protagonist.
-- Narrate the importance/relevance of the supporting character(s) to the
protagonist and the whole story, in general.
-- What can you say about the plot development? Give sample scenes to
illustrate your points.
-- Comment on the pacing of the story.
-- What do you think is the motivation of the director for making the film
the way he did? Elaborate on your points. Give sample scenes
if necessary.

2. This assignment is to be submitted on the designated day of our submission.

3. Next meeting, we will meet for a lecture right after all of you conclude your
report on directors, particularly Filipino directors.

4. For any clarifications, email me or message me here. Thanks.

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