14 November 2008

Trans Rights forum, the repeat

this event is free and open to the public, courtesy of Rainbow Rights Inc, the LGBT org composed of LGBT-identified lawyers servicing the community. may snacks so attack na!

while the language used to write the ad is somewhat formally legalese in nature (sensha na, mga abogado nagsulat nito hehe), these "dialogues" events are tons of fun. so are the lawyers handling it. pramis. i can vouch for them heheh.

tara! see you there. no need to be lgbt. this is open to everyone who has an open mind.

and then after this, tawid lang tayo sa bahay ng alumni for the annual komikkon. yey!


In an effort to address the seeming "invisibility" transgendered people experience, even in the LGBT Community, we are holding a "repeat" of the Transgender Forum held last August 2008.

This coming November 22, 2008, Saturday at 12:00 at the UP Film Institute's Bernal Gallery, UP Diliman we will again be having a forum on transgender issues.

Pau Fontanos of Ang LADLAD and Task Force Pride will do an initial introduction for levelling-off purposes, some basic terminologies and gender-sensitive language, as well as maybe some general information on sex re-assignment surgery, change in birth certificates, even something on same-sex marriages.

We hope to present trans issues from the unique Philippine perspective - how the Filipino transgender community has pursued its struggle for legal recognition, particularly in the courts. There will be a brief rundown/summary of the cases - the legal successes, the difficulties encountered, and the problems arising from the latest Supreme Court rulings.

And as is our wont in R-Rights, we will try to analyze the Supreme Court's differing decisions and put in context the High Court's rationale, including the weaknesses of the arguments based on misguided assumptions, as well as the lack of proper legislation and procedural rules for LGBTs.

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