30 September 2008

rediscovering the dark side

originally posted at my downelink site, like last year pa (11/16/07 to be exact) pero hindi ko pa pala nare-repost dito. so here it is.

still holds true, up to now. yep, up to now :).

ang sarap pala ng feeling na kinikilig. kasi, to tell you the truth, i never experienced that yet, in my whole 35 years of existence. grabeh. kakaiba. hay...

anyway, here:


the good side about the dark side

when i was with my co-workers on a kinda field trip of UPLB, we stopped by the university to buy some favorites from the dairy bar. this is where those famous milk products were sold. we also bought some obligatory los banos goodies like buko pie. well, at least they did, because i hate buko pie. i'm a pie lover, but not buko, sorry. they also bought kesong puti but i'm not also a fan of that kind of cheese (but i can eat brie and camembert forever - ang sosyal ko no? arte!) so i didn't buy any.

what i did buy, out of curiosity, was a quart of chocolate milk in a plastic bag container. it looked simple enough and it was cheap, and i always loved sampling different types of choco milk drinks.

it was my first time to see that dairy bar and to buy that choco milk, and i was such a dufus not to buy a lot of that. man, i tell you, it was the most delicious chocolate milk i've ever tasted in my life! no exag! grabe lang sa heaven ang sarap! yummy!

when we were waiting for the others to finish with their purchase, my boss asked what i bought, and she recommended that i also buy the fresh milk. i said nope, i ain't the white milk type o' gal, and i said i loved chocolate. just like with chocolate bars, i liked the dark chocolate more than the milk chocolate, because it was a bit bitter and not so sweet.

my boss made a remarkable observation. "oh, so you really like dark things." i said "yup, in chocolate, and in my women! hahaha!" she laughed, and i said "that's why latina-looking women are the best!" and she said that indeed, i do like them dark. and she said that if she were ever a lesbian like me, then probably she would also love darker-skinned women, or at least brown-skinned like ours. no caucasians, no whiteness, none of that for us. for me, especially.

i don't know what's with this country. it's preoccupied with whiteness lately. i don't understand why the women don't appreciate the golden brown skin that we have, that it's a great color and skin tone, and man, it just looks delicious to me! hehehe. i dunno, but i have never been attracted to fair-skinned girls no matter how pretty they are. that's why i'm never into chinese-type women or mestiza women (even if i do look like this too). maybe i'm looking for someone who will complement me, i dunno. or maybe i'm looking for someone who looks better than me. yeah, i believe brown-skinned women look better than me. we call it "kayumanggi" which is like golden brown.

to backtrack, yeah, most of my ex-girlfriends have dark skin. variations - dark, golden brown, rather exotic, as a friend once commented. when he saw my second girlfriend he said "you really like exotic looking women, no?" and i never thought about that until the girlfriend i had next to that one also had golden brown skin, but she didn't look exotic, though.

hmmm. my taste in women, in chocolate, in milk -- all dark. as for wine, i prefer red over white. in colors, i prefer earth and dark tones rather than white or bright ones. i hate the daytime and i love the nighttime. what does that say about me?

that was a new way to see "the dark" or liking the dark, as my boss said. a new twist on things, or new twist on how those words sound to me now.

yeah, indeed, i really like the dark side. and that is good.


share share lang. :) maulan ang gabi, at may malayong nilalang, kaya kahit sa salita o isip man lamang, magpang-abot. kahit saglit.

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