10 August 2008

can't resist

sige na nga.

i kinda promised myself i won't blog anything so personal muna here, given the fact that i make all posts available to all, no filtering of contacts, which harmed me before which led to my banning of a certain person who didn't bother to make a clean research. basta. long story hard to tell.

so i also ended up deleting some previous contacts w
ho asked to be added. not that i am unfriendly all of a sudden, but i feel that i should just keep to a minimum who i am in touch with. ewan ko. ermitanyo mode eating me up lately.

that, and playing this:

wheee! stall o'food. which is actually a ripoff (improved version?) of this:

wheeeee! burger shop! mas creative ang makers nito. although parehong games released by the same company.

adik. ako. sobra.

sarap e. sige na. vicarious na kasi dapat ang interaction ko with meat. doctor's orders. have to be semi-vegetarian again. like two years ago. same problem came back. aaahh! hay angie, tanda na tayo. wehehehe :P but still, sillymarin works. i swear! hehe. try it!

oh well. life goes on. with or without meat...


had an interesting week. realizations come so quickly that you end up wondering why you haven't seen them in the first place, or seen them coming in a rush. weird.

life is strange.

but one thing resonates clearly, still: happiness is not dependent on the existence of another person or a situation; it's dependent on how you treasure yourself.

and yes, i am a national treasure. char!

basta. you get what i mean.

in the end, the best person one should have a relationship with is still her/himself. if that's not yet fixed, nothing ever will.


happy birthday to all august buddies! tita aida! angie! kwameeeee! enjoyed last night. kitakits ulit soon. pupunta pa tayo sa government! *wink wink*

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