16 March 2008


alam niyo, natutuwa naman ako pag nakikita ko ang paryentes ko. pero lagi na lang may sabit na mangyayari kada engkuwento, miniscule man o gigantic. hay...

so dahil nasira na ang momentum ko sa pagsusulat, sarbey break na lang muna. pampatulog na rin. aga pa bukas, have a long short week ahead. istorbo itong blocking ng holy week na itey ha sa tututs lang. azar.


1.Do you like to smile?
--only when motivated

2. Do you love music?
--as much as i love cinema

3. Who do you share all or most of your personal secrets with?
--my self. don't ask why; it's just like that e

4. Do you love to shop?
--if i have an unlimited account, surely!

5. If u were given a chance to buy anything u want in the world, what would it be?
--my own media conglomerate (tv station, film production company, postproduction house, recording studio, publishing house, printing press, radio station)

6. Why are you completing this survey?
--because i'm drunk. charot.

7. The:

a) grossest thing u ever heard?
--too many to mention hahahahaha

b) yummiest thing u ever ate? -
--as of now, that slice of pizza sa shakey's is nice

c) cutest boy/girl ever saw?
--i am way past this stage, ati

8. If u were given a chance to rule a country, what country would it be?
--monaco, kasi mayaman sila at nasa europe at maliit lang kaya manageable saka kasi ang head nun ay prince (albert) so kung ako yun, magiging princess ako, tama lang for royalty without being too yabang to be queen, di ba?

OR the vatican (yes, it is considered a country) para mapalitan ko na ang age-old rules and views nila on women, homosexuality and all things they see as deviant of their faith at ire-rewrite ko ang biblia para maging gender-friendly. i swear.

9.The time you're confused the most?
-- wala naman

10.The thing that would make u like a guy/ girl?
--kung caring siya. care always works. sincere care, that is, not a mock one. i swear maraming ganun

11. Are u always happy?
--no. no one is.

12. Are u easily jealous?
--yes. i know i have to change this. nature of taurus kasi e, potah

13. Do u always share drinks with someone?
--not really

14. Are u noisy?
--only in bed. CHAROT! hahahahaha. depende sa sitwasyon

15. Do u know how to rollerblade?
--ayaw. skateboard pa oo.

16. Do u like to give hugs?
--yeah. but only to those who want to receive them

17. Do u know how to ice skate?
--gusto ko i-try

18. Do u like guys/girls who curse?
--depende sa frequency

19. Are u a goody-goody or a naughty kid?
--naughty kid ako growing up. sobra lang! just ask my titas. but like my cantor pinsans, we become goody goody after we hit puberty. hindi ko alam kung bakit. i swear. lahat kami trouble child noong elem days pero once we reach hs/coll/adult life, bumabait kami. it must be genetic.

20. Do you think of your future?
--hay naku, when i reached 32, i stopped thinking of the future. because i thought: FUCK. NOW IS MY FUTURE NA! so there.

21. Do you easily fall in love?
--when i was younger. but now, i learned to be more discerning

22. Are you addicted to someONE now?
--addicted is such a nasty word, so no

23. Are u a complicated person?
-- VERY. ask the people who truly know me

24. If you were given a chance to tell someone something what would it be?
--dude, YOU SUCK!

25. Will you have sex with the same sex?
--anu bang kahunghangan ito? syempre!

26. What is the one thing you'd love to have?
-- a media conglomerate

27. What keeps you busy?
-- work work and more work

28. Do you have a special someone?
-- yes, and i miss her dearly

29. What will you do after answering this survey?
--sleep, if the cosmos will permit

30. Who is the last person to make you cry?
-- a co-worker. cried out of anger and frustration. PAKSHET SYA. c'est tout. salope!

31. Do you Pray?
--in my own way, yeah

32. What can you say about this survey?
--wala lang

33. Do you love poetry?
--yes but i don't think poetry loves me. fiction loves me, though.

34. What are you listening right now?
-- nothing in particular

35. Who was the last person in your mind?
--my mahal

Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months without cheating?
--oo naman. taurus ako chong. may backing ang stars. charot.

~What are you doing now?
obvious bah!

~What is one thing you question a lot?
--money, and its elusiveness hahahahaaaha

~Are you married?
--to my mahal, in spirit

~Have you ever regret letting someone go?
--no. on the contrary, was happiest to let them go

~Is there anyone who doesn't like you?
--people who are threatened by my security

~Do you miss someone
--my mahal

~Did any of your friends go out with any of your exes?
-- as we used to say in college, IDC,IDK (i don't know and i don't care)

~Are looks important?
--depende sa okasyon pero oo naman

~What are you wearing?
--shirt and shorts

~Are you mad at someone right now?
--YOU CANNOT IMAGINE! yes. biatch siya.

~How did you wake up this morning?
fairly well, thanks

~Which is more romantic: sunrise or sunset?
--i am a sunset freak so you know where i go

~Quick say a verse from any song?
i'm a bitch im a lvoer i'm a child i'm a mother...

~How many letters are in your lastname?
stupid question.

~How was your day?

~Do you live near any of your friends?

~How do you walk?
one foot then the other? whatthe!

~What do you think of BOB MARLEY??
he's a dope head? whatthe!

~Do you believe in love?
hay, trick question ba ito?

~How old do you want to be when you have kids?
i don't want my own kids. i can adopt tho

~Do you hate your last boyfriend/girlfriend?
LOATHE is more like it. i wish she were dead. ten times over.

~Do you only drink bottled water?

~Are you happier single or in a relationship?
--one should be happy whether single or not.

~Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
--depende sa kasalanan nila the first time. kung rape, no. bitay ang hayup na yan agad. same with abusive jowas. mananapak o mananampal or whatnot, mamatay na sila.

~Would you believe ur enemy if they said they loved you?
-- no!

~Do you wish someone would call you?
--yeah pero wala siya landline e

~What is bugging you right now?
--the fact that i have to work after holy week. bummer ang blocking ng holiday na itich! potah

~If someone doesn't like you,
--sai nga ni bulak, KEBS! love u mother! mwah!

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