24 July 2007

online slave+message from above

that's it. finally. it has happened. i have withdrawal symptoms of not being online for lotsa days. malala na to.

i remember life before internet boomed. it was more personal. but we spent more time decoding and encoding in person, face to face, breath to breath, or skin to skin. frankly my dear, i preferred those days. i prefer feeling silences from fellow warm bodies than reading them online. basta.

these days, it's just me myself and i in front of a renewed blank page made up of zeros and ones, of blinking pixels and retina-damaging rays. my veins are so plugged. so are my brain cells.


but i'll admit it. it's good to be back online again. after 5 days of absence. welcome to the newer world, me. you're not in kansas anymore toto, so stop barking.




isang araw na nakaratay ako sa sala habang nagpapahinga sa sakit ng asido sa tiyan, may kumatok sa pintuan ko.

IT: [soundfx: tok tok tok]

ME: ...hm? (kagigising lang)

IT: [soundfx: tok tok tok]

ME: sino yan?

IT: ...

ME: sino YAN?

IT: ...

ME: [thought balloon: punyeta to a.] SINO IYAN???

IT: (in a deep manly authoritative voice of god-type narration) may mahalaga akong mensaheng iaabot.

ME: [thought balloon: hello hiro nakamura, ikaw ba yan? peter petrelli kaya? message from the future ba yan? save the cheerleader? ano kaya yun? creepy. sino sha??] (habang nag-iisip kung bubuksan ang door o hindi) ANO IYON?

IT: mensahe mula sa kaharian ng diyos.

ME: [thought balloon: punyeeeetaaaa, natutulog istorbooooo!] IWAN MO LANG DYAN.

after an hour, i opened the door and found one of those religious recruitment leaflets in my makeshift mailbox.

poonyetah. san nakakabili ng pepto-bismol?


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  1. Searched online for you kaso I can't find the brand name Pepto Bismol in Manila. Maybe it's under the generic Pink Bismuth? I will try to send you a bottle through Roz' brother, okay? Wawa ka naman.