25 September 2006

mulling over some writerly stuff


semester's nearly ending and i'm happy about it. i've been longing to really rest, as in for real, but other official duties permit me to do that. well, we'll see.  if i don't go out of the city and head for some beach somewhere, i'm gonna go nuts. as in. might go surfing na lang. i'm not in the mood for galera anymore. basta. hate the sight of banana boats.

i've also been longing to get back to my writing. haven't had the chance to face my french language reviews so i'll probably have that exam by november. i'm still trying to finish that young adult novel, though. haaay... at least i'm in the shooting/writing break of my classes na kaya i'm free to write na rin before film thesis defense time comes again. well, konti lang naman this sem so this should just be a cinch.

hay... i so miss writing but for the life of me, i really can't focus on writing when i'm here in my desktop anymore. as in i really need to be outside somewhere in a café to do my stuff. i am more creative that way lately. well, i've been doing that naman ever since but these days, mas malakas ang calling ng ganitong style. and no, i'm not procrastinating. kaya nga i do all my work things outside na rin eh. 

ewan ko ba. sometimes there are times that you just need to do stuff outside of your home. i think my home is not too homey anymore. i don't know exactly why, but it has been like that since this sem started. so i'm really thinking of moving into a new place. somewhere cheaper (cheaper than 8k), and away from a main street sana. the freaking traffic noise/pollution is getting to me, saka yung endless nawasa drillings. just why do they have to drill at night?

ewan ko ba. i really feel like i need a new environment, a new space, a smaller space to be exact, one that's not so hard to maintain alone. i'm contemplating on going back to the village area near UP since all my time's in UP rin naman lately. so if anybody got leads, just holler. drop me a line here or at leaflens at gmail.

minsan senyas na sa akin yun e. pag di na ko makapagsulat sa isang lugar, it means changes have to be made, soon. a friend of mine called it wandelust daw but i beg to disagree. if you're not a writer --  a creative/literary writer at that -- you won't really understand this thing about writing and the space where you do it. the space matters, man. may relationship yun e. just ask hemingway. well, i mean, just look at him. and the others like ezra pound who flew to paris to just write. it really has bearing. man, if i only can escape to paris for a while with a laptop for a month, oks na ko dun. sayang, naghanda pa naman yung isa kong friend dati doon sa pagpunta ko. well, maybe i'll get to do that next year, when netherlands beckons. hay sana lang matuloy ang mga ito.. i so want to see europe na talaga. as in.

sometimes, the place you inhabit becomes a crucial character in the story you're writing. tignan mo nga dito sa local scene. lots of stories are set in baguio. i myself am guilty of placing my stories in baguio, especially the baguio after the big earthquake of early 1990s. i just noticed that when i shared my past filipino stories with a new writer  acquaintance who herself is from baguio (UP baguio).  her newly acquired palanca is also for a story set in baguio.

speaking of palanca, congrats nga pala are in order for some friends and acquaintances who won this year. at ang dami pala! dami ring first time winners according to this listing. syempre first kudos went to cenon na for the sceenplay and job for the play. hoy mga kuya di pa kayo nanlilibre ha hehehe. congrats din pala kay carlo arejola for that script. dude, saan ka na ngayon? (if you're reading this) kay mamu liza din pala for her play at kay elyrah para sa kanyang sanaysay. fellow akdang bayan peeps emman (tula) and vlad congrats din, also to former a_b dude mykel who, like vlad, won sa futuristic fic fil. fellow female fictionists migs and myrza (very nice short "sink or swim," albeit a bit coño -- my guess as to why it didn't make it to first place) in english and det (a very out lesbian story for children! good going, det! sock it to them!) for filipino also bagged prizes for their shorts. mam joi barrios (tula at dula) also won pero nagtataka lang ako bat kelangan pa niyang sumali gayong institusyon na siya, saka si sir leoncio deriada (hiligaynon) rin at si mam amelia bonifacio (play). oh well, kanya-kanyang chorva! i guess ang motto diyan ay "try and try until you get to the hall of fame!" congrats everyone! saya naman nito. read some of the winning entries here at ian's site .

pero once again, this proves na mas marami pa ring babaeng nagsusulat ng fiction/sanaysay/dula at ang mga kelots ay nasa tula. misteryo sa akin ito eh, ever since our UP cebu '97 workshop. sa workshop na iyon, all females, as in all, are fictionists while all men are poets. it really gets me thinking. hmm... kahit yung dumaguete workshop batch ko e, isa lang yata sa aming mga babae ang poet (there's bambi) and then the rest fictionist na. then the guys are... well, at least the jologz barkada are all poets. anyone have any theories on this? it's really something i've been mulling over over the years. la lang...

hay... i miss writing. well, if the beach doesn't see me, i guess it's baguio or bust. at least for a whole weekend. 

let's see. 



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