04 July 2006

free expression

sabi nga ng aking signature sa emails:

"because there is such a thing as freedom of expression...and fabulousness!"

ang bakla, ano? mej, pero hindi rin.

two reactions lang sa dalawang bagay na nakapukaw ng aking isipan ngayon.

ito ay yung article sa inquirer about this church who gives out bibles na may cover na "jesus loves porn stars."

bet! parang gusto ko yun sa tshirt ko. jesus loves porn stars. parang yung shirt sa bangkok that says "jesus shaves" tapos may picture ni jesus na walang bigote. hehe kyut.

nakakatawa at nakakatuwa kasi sabi dun sa news:

Jesus loves porn stars just as much as he does pastors and soccer moms, XXXchurch contends. The outreach team from XXXchurch, calling itself a "porn ministry," distributes paperback New Testaments with a gaudy purple-and-yellow cover reading: "Jesus loves porn stars." Its website, billed as the number-one Christian porn site, includes downloadable Bible studies and an array of "prayer software," including "accountability programs" designed to help users resist pornographic temptation.

The Bible's text, in everyday conversational English, includes this introduction from XXXchurch: "Jesus loves pornographers as much as he loves pastors, soccer moms, liars, thieves and prostitutes. We're all just people who need God to save us from the mess we're in, and lead us to a better way."

Pornography brings in more revenue in the US than all of professional football, baseball and basketball franchises combined, according to the conservative research group Family Safe Media.

XXXchurch has taken its message on the road for "porn Sundays," a traveling seminar "to bring healing and recovery to those struggling with pornography." The group estimates that over half of Christian ministers use pornography regularly, and are determined to expose "America's dirty little secret."

It is not made explicitly clear how XXXchurch arrived at this number.

ayuz. dig that prayer software no. i bet they also have a similar software to resist homosexuality heheheheh. ano ang pangalan? hm, siguro "anti-kinsey" hehe. kapag nilagay mo sa computer mo, automatic iba-block niya ang anumang bagay na nakasulat sa cyberspace na may kinalaman sa kabaklaan at may lalabas na laser beam sa gitna ng screen para tamaan ka sa third eye at "ma-cure" ka hehehe. ala lang.

anyway read full article here.

tapos sa isa pang news, tungkol sa na-censor si howie at suspended ang i-witness for 2 weeks. the docu kasi is about this lukayo festival ba yun somewhere in rural philippines where women dance wearing some symbolic eklats and one of them is a wooden phallus. offensive daw sabi ni mtrcb chief laguardia.

sa news item na ito, laguardia also cited ms nessa's reaction, our vp sa public affairs sa siyete. weird lang... but knowing ms nessa, yeah, that's her alright. hehe.

but anyway, ang punto ko ay gusto ko yung reaksyon ni prof. pertierra sa whole shebang na ito sa plaridel egroup ni sir pete lacaba. to quote him:

there is a sweet irony in the censoring of the ritual lukayo on the grounds that it offends filipino sensibilities. here is an example of an authentic native ritual that is seen as offensive by the censor. if anyone had doubted that national standards are invented, imagined and often counterfactual this proves it. it also disabuses ideologues who confuse the indigenous with the national. hence authentic ifugao dances with exposed female breasts are seen as offensive by national standards. we are reminded that the local, informal, indigenous and private worlds are rarely congruent with the formal, politically correct public world of the national.

bet di ba? pero pinaka-bet ko yung sinabi niya sa huli:

 why has the philippines remained in such a world when our colonial masters spain and america have long abandoned it?

i second that sobra. pumunta kaya sila sa spain at sa US (or cheaply, watch their movies!!!) and see how "liberated" our colonizers are in their approach to culture (well, in general) especially in the depiction of sex and sexuality. hello have you seen films like SEX AND LUCIA? BELLE EPOQUE? dibala, sa spain puwede na akong magpasakal este magpakasal! ah basta you know what i mean!

mukhang dinibdib natin or nila pala masyado ang "moral police" role na ginampanan ng mga prayle dati. kelan kaya tayo makakausad pa? ever?

hay my poor country...

siguro kung si masferre ay naging filmmaker at may mtrcb na nung panahong pinagkukuhanan niya ng litrato yung mga igorot sa bundok, chugi siya ever. but no. his photographs are so wonderful. galing lang men.

hay. do we really need mtrcb? howie mentioned that they just abided by the decision kasi makatarungan naman yun prosesong nilaan sa kanila. but i sense that of course, deep inside, iba ang ek nun.

hm hiramin ko na lang kaya yun sa kanya at ipalabas dito sa peyups? wat u think?  tutal dito di uso censorship.

hm that's an idea...

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