17 December 2008

things that make you go hmmmmm...should i?

well, i just have to share this with friends. here goes.

filmfriends/conconistas, take note.

la lang. magtatapos na sana ang aking nightly rounds of online chevers when i decided to check my yahoo mails (which i hardly check, dahil g
mail girl na ako). some of my comments sa blogs ko ay doon bumabagsak kaya di ko agad kita pag merong new comment, lalo na sa old old posts.

well, it turns out that about two months ago, merong isang nag-comment sa old old post (2005) kong ito, where i reminisced about the film students na nag-16mm thesis na kasabay kong nag-defend sa PIA before.


i don't get the deal with the department about film. there's no more subsidy of raw stock unlike in our time when we were alloted a 100ft roll of tungsten film each group of three. we had spring-wound bolexes to play with. now, they have to rent cams from kodak and buy a minimum number of raw stock cans... what gives????? instead of making student film life a bliss, kodak's become a burden of sorts. i don't know what transpired from 1995 to 2005. man, times they are a-changin' indeed. and then there's the PIA filmlab closing down. where are they gonna edit their films??? all the darn MOA linkages have been broken... kawawa mga students. they have to spend at least 10k per group per film. good thing i divided them into 5 to lessen the burden. shucks, if this happened to our generation, hindi na siguro nag-film thesis yung mga nag-16mm a decade ago like me, sari dalena, corina millado, don michael perez and fellow conconistas rose barcarlos and aimee compuesto. sino pa ba? teka bat ko ba nilalagay complete names nila? ah, wala lang, trip ko lang. i wonder how they are doing. can't anybody out there repair those darn bolex cams? sayang naman.

heniwey, just wondered out loud where they are na, and an anonymous comment pointed out one of them:

Anonymous said...

Corina Millado aka Syren went on to become the greatest porn(adult hardcore)actress in Asia and the USA. Her website is www.syrenspell.com


yeah, our batch already knew of this before, by acciden
t. isang araw na walang magawa, nanood ng porn ang isa naming barkada at tumambling siya nang makilala ang gelay sa video. at nagpa-party pa kami (sa bahay ko) para lang panoorin ito to get more confirmation that we were seeing what we were seeing (and yes, porn-watching/deconstructing is also a pastime for us film peeps -- hey, it's still film! or media.). and yes, confirmed.

so lalo na ito. di ko alam kung si corina ang nag-comment na ito, pero salamat na rin nonetheless sa pagturo niya sa akin ng site niya. happy naman. truli. kakaiba ito e. and her site is very interesting. an intelligent and seductive read.

walang sinabi ang mulawin
ni donmp, o ha!

and to think kasabay ko lang siya noon sa PIA Motion Picture section na nag-defend ng film thesis. ayuz.

now i can truly say that i know somebody in the adult entertainment industry. :) and take note, girl-on-girl ang kinda specialty niya.


okay time to sleep.

sa friday na natin pag-usapan ito. :)

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  1. panalo! pwede humingi ng autograph ni evan stone? merry christmas mother!